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I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE that Colorless Love is available for PURCHASE TODAY at the Amazon link below ! Click to Purchase your copy of Colorless Love  I am extremely happy to be able to have this book available to you all, and be in the process of already working on my next one ! Thank you… Continue reading Announcement !

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Where Is The Love?

Happy Tuesday my lovely readers & subscribers ! How was your weekend & how is your Tuesday going ? (Feel free to comment below) My weekend was cool ! Got to see both the Incredibles 2 & The Ant Man & Wasp (Thank you Moviepass) [------ CLICK TO GET INFO ! There I was, on social… Continue reading Where Is The Love?

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“Inspiring Women” (Snapchat Group)

GEEEZ!!!!! My mind loves to work in overtime, have you noticed lately ? How is everyone spending their Saturday morning/afternoon? I have an ANNOUNCEMENT for all my WOMEN subscribers & readers !!! Hey Ladies, I am so excited to announce I have officially created a private group on my snapchat called "Inspiring Women." 💪🏽👸💞 It… Continue reading “Inspiring Women” (Snapchat Group)

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💡 The Light 💡

Geeeez... I seriously keep having to remind myself of this, because sometimes in those moments of trying to cope with symptoms/emotions it feels like I’m failing and I’m relapsing. It is the worse feeling, because I want to be in a healthy state when it comes to my mental health, I want to breathe, I… Continue reading 💡 The Light 💡

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Live Video !

Happy Friday Beautiful People !!!<3 You know me, I usually try to keep busy!( It doesn't work all the time, but I try.) So last night, I decided to do a live video on Facebook and I would love it if you took a moment to check it out at the link BELOW! For all… Continue reading Live Video !

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4th of July 2018

Hello, hello, hello my lovely Subscribers& Readers!!!!  Yesterday was the 4th,how did you and your family/friends spend the day?  My day started off well, I was feeling a bit down/discouraged kind of like I am currently just about my health, getting what I need from my doctors, feeling fearful to continue to put my trust in… Continue reading 4th of July 2018

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Does my hair really MATTER that much ?

I try my best to love people, I do ! But can I ask 2 questions? 1. Can I please just have my privacy when it comes to my reasons why I AM A WOMAN, & I have a shaved head ? 2. If I were a man with a shaved head would this be… Continue reading Does my hair really MATTER that much ?