The Birth of a Nation Movie Review Blog 

Let me just start off by saying wow ! Believe it or not I actually watched this movie twice before deciding to do a review on it ! Where do I even start ? This movie demonstrates real struggles,it shows pain & hurt in ways you don’t expect, and  most importantly it shows oppressed people with no way out. I will say some parts of this movie made me sick to my stomach and so sad.It makes me so sad knowing that there was once a time where people looked at another person, another human, another beautiful thing that God created as simply property, and they went about doing whatever they wanted to their so called “property.” Slaves master acted as Gods over these people when they were nothing more than broken men themselves. At moments while watching the movie I couldn’t believe actors had the courage to play these roles of slaves masters and slaves.

Overall this film was pretty good and it was put together very well. Despite the fact I know it’s just a movie and people are just acting showing an important part of history, this movie still just broke my heart with the using the bible to control people, pure racism, and hatred of people.

This movie is said to be a true story, it will move you to tears, it will show you what pure hatred looks like, it will show you life and death, and it will show you The Birth of a Nation.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
Edmund Burke



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