Birthday, Challenges, & Positivity !

So very thankful I have made it to see another birthday. This last year has been such a challenge for me, but despite that today I can say is going to be a good day for me! I am going to smile and have lots of laughs. I decided to make a birthday slideshow of the past two weeks with my mom while she was visiting ! I am looking forward to a wonderful year of helping others, publishing my new books, moving to start at a new school and just overall starting this next chapter in my life ! I pray that God guides my heart always ! Happy Birthday to me and happy Friday to everyone !!! Be blessed and remember God loves you!!!!

One thought on “Birthday, Challenges, & Positivity !

  1. Regina says:

    I am so very blessed to have been able to spend almost the last two weeks with you!! It has been a joy that filled my heart. Keep on writing and reaching for the star’s,I’m very proud of you..


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