Celebrate Part l ! 

As I was sitting by the bay looking at the sunset and the city 🌃🌅 waiting for the firework show to start, I began to think about how as a young child I don’t have any memories of seeing fireworks or celebrating holidays. I remember specifically when I was a young child my family didn’t celebrate Halloween or Christmas. Maybe all the other holidays in between I just don’t have any memories of going out and doing things for them because I didn’t. As I got older I started to somewhat celebrate & do stuff for more holidays than I did growing up.  So this year I did something different, not knowing how I would react. I decided to go to the bay and watch the firework show and I want to share my beautiful view with you all !

The colors and shapes of the fireworks 🎆  were very pretty! I enjoyed the show except for the fact it was loud which hurt my ears and made my heart race. I am surprised I didn’t have a headache after, I’m sure I won’t be attending next year ! 😂🎇❤️

I hope everyone had a safe & fun fourth of July 🇱🇷🎆!

 Stay tuned for my upcoming Celebrate Part ll blog that will go more in detail about my 1st official holiday experience  🎅🏻🎄 !


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