Visiting Familiar and Unfamiliar Places (Part I)

As I sat in the cushioned chair, I rested my right foot on the metal part of the chair at the bottom and I tucked my left foot under my right thigh. I was officially sitting in my version of Criss Cross Applesauce.  I was in my ready to write position. The computer was in front of me, everything was ready, except my mind. My thoughts began to wander. I realized that by this time next week I would be approximately 2,000 miles across the world, with my family. I guess you could say I was both excited and afraid. Excitement overshadowed the majority of the fear I felt. It had been almost a year since I saw my dad and even longer for other family members. I liked flying, but not trying to get quality sleep in the airplanes tiny seats. I knew that this trip “home” would be very different. I knew this, not only because me and my family were going on a road trip to Ohio, but because quite a bit had changed since the last time I had been “home.” But what was I expecting? Life frequently changes and people do too in various ways, for the better and sometimes for the worse. I’ve seen both happen. But either way I knew I was ready for this trip!

Fast forward 1 week: The day had finally arrived, I was leaving for the next few weeks to travel and be with my immediate and some of my extended family ! I was sitting on the airplane waiting for take off , so I answered a few messages to kill time and a few moments later a name begin to flash on my phone screen📱 , and guess who it was ???? It was my baby sister, calling to talk about us going to mall together and hanging out! Hahahah I really do love and appreciate how much my relationships have grown over the years with my parents and siblings! I am thankful to have such a open & loving family, though we have our faults the most important thing is I know we have each other’s back. Make sure you find a reason to smile today & everyday !🤣😂😘

Happy Thursday all my lovely subscribers ! Stay safe & stay awesome & stay tuned for part II of this series ! ✈️🌃🎉❤️😂😀😎

At the end of the day all that matters is love and memories so make sure you give it and make sure you make them.

-Trent Shelton


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