Too Late to Apologize (Cover)

[Natte_M] sang Apologize (Acoustic) really well! Check out this great cover I made!
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Hey Lovelies,

Happy happy Tuesday ! How is everyone today ? Me, I’m okay fighting to stay sane, practice self-care, and stay away from behaviors that may land me back where I don’t want to be. Prayers and text messages are very much appreciated at this time !!! For some reason this week I am so looking forward to Friday lol ! I have nothing planned so far, but I can’t wait !

Look forward to a fact filled blog later this week ! Thanks for reading ! 💚 you all & Happy Mental Health Awareness Month !!! Stay inspired. Stay Humble. & Take care of yourselves !

Oh & be sure to check out my Too Late Too Apologize Cover at the link at the top ! 👆🏽👆🏽

~ Natasha M .💚💚

“One bad day or bad moment doesn’t define who I am, or the great things I’m capableof .”


Guess What?

Hello Lovelies & Happy Friday !!!! TGIF right ? What does everyone have planned for the weekend? I hope it’s something where you all can relax and decompress from a long week !

I think my 1st plan for this Friday morning is to take Lil (my pup) to starbucks with me to get a plain coffee with soy milk in it ! I simply have to find the energy to get up and do that though. 😅 Please keep me in your prayers. I am still tired, I went to bed superrrr late.

I also want to start on my 2nd book I am reading for the month but I have yet to do so. But I have been reading a new book titled Silence in the ibooks library that I find pretty interesting and scary because it deals with abuse and that kind of thing is so hard for me to read about due to things i’ve personally experienced. But the way the author tells the story so far is filled its plenty of detail and it explains how every action has a reaction. I really am starting to like reading non fiction better than fiction….. humm idk I’ll probably change my mind once I dive into another book!!! 📖 As corny as it may sound, reading is magical…. at least with some books….

To me this week has felt a bit longgggggggg as if it was dragging by! But thank God I got through it and I was blessed in various ways during this week and for that I can’t complain!

I also have a GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT for all of my awesome people who have been asking me about the paperback version of Colorless Love (—- CLICK ON TITLE for more info on purchasing your copy TODAY) and when it will be available for PURCHASE……..

WELP!!!! Guess what? You’ve guessed it the paperback version of Colorless Love along with the e-book is now available on Amazon! Happy reading & thank you for your support, patience, and feedback!

If you have already read the book, be sure to take time and leave me some feedback ! I love hearing from you all ! ❤️

Inspire.Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.

Happy New Year !!!


Hello all my lovely subscribers ! I wanted to be sure I take time and wish you and your families a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Though I am fearful of what will happen in the new year, I am looking forward to using all of my talents, energy, and resources to serve God and help and uplift others.  ❤

Happy NEW YEAR everyone ! BE blessed and please remain safe if you are going out !

2018love 2018


Inspire. Motivate . Love ~ Natasha M.

What defines beauty? Part I: Decisions ……..

When I first walked into the shop (yesterday) Friday December 29, 2017, I felt scared, embarrassed, and I just overall felt like I didn’t know what would happen. All I knew was I wanted to leave there with less hair than I had when I walked in with.

The barber asked me what I wanted I told him and he didn’t question me or my decision. Finally, when it was my turn to get into the chair my stomach dropped and I was afraid. Being afraid powered my determination to stick to my decision despite the fact my dad of all people was telling me not to cut my hair like I wanted it.

I care about and love my dad tons but my mind was made up when I walked into that barber shop. I wasn’t walking out how I came in.

I had not come to a point in my life where I was so obsessed with my hair and needed it to define me that I couldn’t live without it.

I had been contemplating this decision for a while but figured I wouldn’t go forward with it because I was too afraid of being without my hair, and because I was afraid of what others might think of me. I was afraid of walking into the unknown. I was afraid to do something that would make others judge me (more than they already have/do) and possibly treat me differently.

But on the other hand, I don’t want to hold on to things that society defines as beauty. Why can’t I make my own definition of beauty? Why should I conform to what society tells me is beautiful ? Why? Why? Why? Why can’t I tear back every layer of myself to find the parts of me that shine ? The parts of me that are beautiful…….. The parts of me that are me…….

Keeping this mindset I decided to go through with my decision to cut all my hair off not only because I had some places in my head that were falling out and bald anyways(probably due to stress, medications I’m on, and chemicals) and my hair was damaged from chemicals and coloring but because I am on a journey learning to #love ME for ME,(flaws and all), following God’s purpose for my life, and just trying to think outside the box and express myself in healthy ways while staying true to the person I am and the person I strive to be ⬅️ Loving,God fearing, compassionate, patient, kind,selfless, etc )

So to answer the question at the top of this blog of what defines beauty?

I believe for a long time I was confused about what beauty was/is. I never felt beautiful but growing up and even as an adult I’ve had family and strangers tell me just how beautiful I am on the outside, but to me that was never enough. The older I got the more I wanted to become beautiful in every way I could be , but I always felt like I feel short because the type of beautiful I wanted to be was real, raw and hard to achieve. To me beauty is not just about wearing nice clothes, wearing tons of makeup, or having beautiful hair it is about being kind, patient, obeying God, loving others & doing all you can for them, and learning to accept and love yourself and becoming the best you day by day. Beauty is truly only skin deep and women need to realize that. Your qualities and actions are what make you a beautiful person not your looks, clothes, size,hair etc.

Side note: There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, nice clothes, long or short hair, etc but don’t get so wrapped up in these things that they start to define you and you start to depend on them, and you don’t feel “beautiful” without them . True beauty is so much more than outer appearance.

Beauty is only skin deep.

Be brave & stay true to yourself always ! ❤️

Inspire.Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.

Introduction to Author Natasha R. Minier 💚

I wanted to take a moment & say hello 👋 to all my new & old subscribers !💋💓

I am Natasha but some ppl call me Nat & my family calls me Tash. I am 24 years old & my page documents my journey with mental illness along with giving updates on my upcoming memoir, my book Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes & Colorless Love (BOTH BOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ), my weekly blog posts and sometimes random singing videos or vlogs.

My goal is to inspire others with my story and be a voice to all the people that have been suffering in silence. 💡🤐 I am young but I have been through tragedies I would never wish on another human being and I hope through my journey others will know they are not alone. 🌎🌻🌼 Mental health matters and I want to show my family, loved ones, & others I don’t know personally know just how devastating symptoms can be. The truth is we need to talk about mental health with one another and end the stigma. We need to show others it’s okay to speak out and SEEK HELP, ATTEND THERAPY, TAKE MEDS, etc. The people struggling with mental health issues need to know it is okay to do whatever you need to do to take care of your mental health. There is no need to be ashamed. You are NOT WEAK BECAUSE YOU SEEK HELP. You are BRAVE! REMEMBER THAT. We need to show more LOVE to the people like me, that struggle day in and day out with mental illness symptoms. I don’t exactly understand everything about my illnesses and despite the fact I have bad days, I will use everything I have for good & to change the world. 🗺 Love is the greatest gift you can give others and I will use every talent God has blessed me with & every piece of my energy to spread love, even on my bad days.💚

I wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for subscribing and taking your time to read my work! I appreciate all the likes & feedback! ❤️


IG: wordsar3art


Snapchat: Natrobbie21

Twitter: Nattiee_101

This is a journey for me & I am confident God will get me through whatever may come & he will get you through too ! Let’s raise awareness about mental illness together !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ❤️

~ Natasha R. Minier

Damages Caused by Mental Illness Interview.

This clip is from an interview titled “The Damage Mental Illness Can Do,” And is now uploaded on YouTube. LINK BELOW

In this interview I am answering some unexpected questions about mental health and my journey with mental illness.

I am opening up and talking about my past fears, current struggles, and future worries. I am being transparent, so that others who watch it suffering too will know they are not alone.

I hope this video is an inspiration for others & I hope if you are a family member or close friend of mine this gives you a better idea of what I’m going through, and how living with this illness has been for me. I hope this also shows just how human and imperfect I am and in turn this shows you that if you are suffering it is okay to SPEAK OUT and seek help. ❤️

Thank you for all the love and support & please tell me how I can continue to help and inspire. DM on IG ( @Wordsar3art) or e-mail me anytime! I love hearing from you all ! ❤️

Click below to watch full interview:

The Damage Mental Illness Can Do Interview Video

Inspire.Motivate. Love Natasha M.

All Of Me.💚❤️

I’ve been singing 🎶 quite a bit, getting ready for my upcoming book releases 📖,

and being a little sick due to ill effects from food/meds, I believe.

Something I continue to struggle with day in and day out is self-hatred. Feeling like I’m not good enough, feeling like a burden, feeling like a mistake, felling like I deserve bad things that have happened to me, overall just feeling icky about myself and who I am.

But despite those thoughts and feelings I’ve had for years, I am on a mission to learn to love &take care of myself better. I’m not perfect at it, but I have been better. I’ve been more in tune with taking care of my body. I’ve been better with accessing how I feel &when I need to remove myself from a toxic or triggering situation. I don’t miss doses of meds. I’ve started to watch what I eat and I am in the process of transitioning to full vegan, I’ve been a vegetarian for about 8 or so years and I’m ready to take it a step farther. I want to care for my body & mind in ways I’ve neglected to in the past.

All these things I’ve been doing are self-care .Basic self-care can be really hard for me some days. Especially those days I have no appetitie and I don’t want to get out of bed due to depression. But practicing these new self-care habits has started to help me to care about and love myself more. It’s definitely a DIFFICULT process but I pray it continues and become easier even on the difficult days.

I dedicate this song to myself because I’m truly learning to love All of Me ! 💚❤️ Flaws & all. Excuse all my silly faces in the video! I was literally looking at myself and singing to myself ! 🤓 because why not ? It’s a great feeling to sing to myself, be silly, and just embrace my flaws. This video makes me smile ! 😊😀

I hope that if you suffer from self-hatred, negative thoughts about yourself, or low self-esteem you find ways to LOVE and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Embrace who you are & all those beautiful and amazing things about yourself! You are beautiful, handsome, amazing, cool, special and God loves you & don’t let the world 🌎 tell you any different ….

Inspire. Motivate. Love 

~Natasha R. Minier