Trusting in God.

Trust In You Cover 

This song is a beautiful reminder that though things in life may not go the way we want and we may have hundreds or even thousands of unanswered “why,” questions, trust God despite all that. He has a plan for your life & mine. I am so thankful and blessed God has given me a love and what I believe is a gift for both writing and singing. I am thankful I can use both these gifts to not only help motivate, uplift and inspire people, but most importantly praise God and spread the good news about Jesus Christ ! Blessings

Love God & Love People.

Click on the name of song above to listen to the cover I did of Lauren Daigle’s Trust in You. 

Side Effects …..

I have been so busy with my daily life I haven’t even made time to write on my blog. I’ve been writing in my handy dandy notebook every other day or so, but I just haven’t posted. Lately, I have felt nothing but emptiness, excitement, fear, and regret. I bet you’re wondering how in the world can emptiness and excitement be felt at the same time….. Honestly, I can’t even begin to explain these feelings nor do I care to explain why I think these feelings are present inside of me. What I will say is these are simply side effects, side effects of taking on a new approach to life……