How I Cope With My Mental Illness, Info. About Natasha R. Minier

Too Late to Apologize (Cover)

[Natte_M] sang Apologize (Acoustic) really well! Check out this great cover I made! — Read on Hey Lovelies, Happy happy Tuesday ! How is everyone today ? Me, I'm okay fighting to stay sane, practice self-care, and stay away from behaviors that may land me back where I don't want to be. Prayers and… Continue reading Too Late to Apologize (Cover)

How I Cope With My Mental Illness

Trusting in God.

Trust In You Cover  This song is a beautiful reminder that though things in life may not go the way we want and we may have hundreds or even thousands of unanswered "why," questions, trust God despite all that. He has a plan for your life & mine. I am so thankful and blessed God… Continue reading Trusting in God.

How I Cope With My Mental Illness

Burning House (Cover) I like this song a lot, and I've been wanting to do a cover on it, so I did the cover of this song on the Smule app. I am hoping to do a cover of it on my YouTube channel soon! *Side Note : I didn't like how in the karaoke version of this… Continue reading Burning House (Cover)