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Hey Lovelies! I cannot even believe it has been a month since I last posted. Honestly I took a break from posting on social media for a little bit, and with my hospitalization 3 weeks ago, things have just been a lot for me. I have been fearful of getting back into blogging so I’ve been avoiding it altogether. I have been dealing with high amounts of anxiety the last couple of days while trying to stay balanced, uplifted, and realistic.

Reader Discretion is Advised :

Let me take a second and just be real, raw, and honest with all of my readers: 3 weeks ago I attempted to take my own life by overdosing on pills. Even typing this, I can’t believe that I ended up at such a hopeless point in my life. Though hopelessness plagues me often, this type of hopelessness and desperation was something extreme. Death seemed to call out to me and I attempted to answer. I only remember that morning talking to my mommy on Facetime while making my bed, everything else is a blur until I woke up in the hospital. Iv hooked to my arm, in a hospital gown, machines around me. Numbness and confusion flooded my mind when I woke up. Talking about it now, scares me to my core and brings me to tears. How was this me, I thought? How had I come to this point? The worst part of it all is I have little to no remorse for attempting to commit suicide,I think I don’t believe it happened. Maybe I haven’t digested everything. The whole experience feels like a bad dream. It sickens and scares me. I am thankful I am breathing, able to walk and do for myself, but I really don’t know how to feel about this. My feelings are so mixed, I feel bad because I know God created me, and wouldn’t want to take my own life, but another part of me is like blah. I’m not that important.

My journey shows how you never know what a person is going through. They smile and tell you they are okay every time they see you or you hang out with them, while they are secretly falling to “pieces” on the inside. Then it seems like they are waiting to be pushed over the edge by something or someone. Not knowing that day by day they are being led closer and closer to death. When you lose all hope, what is left? Nothing. Emptiness. Silence. Darkness. Loneliness. All the things most of us like to AVOID as human beings.

To me my mental health issues have presented an aching pain inside me that I wish didn’t exist, but then again I am thankful they exist (on the good days) so I can talk out and advocate for other people suffering in silence. It’s almost like there is a hole in my heart that can never be filled, like it’s just missing.  On the other hand, mental illness has been a part of my life for what seems like forever. I secretly question if I would be the same ambitious, loving, writer “Natasha,”  I am had it not been for the mental illness symptoms over the years. It’s like having mental illness has shown me such horrible emotional pain, disarray and chaos I am not so sure I would be me without it. I am not sure I would love and give (what I’ve been blessed with) my material things so freely had I not experienced such dark places and chaos inside my own head.

My greatest fear is not being unsure if these same dark places and that chaos will attempt to claim my life again. I guess this thought scares me because I believe I have stuff to do, I believe I have a purpose bigger than myself and my problems to fulfill. I don’t want to die yet. But who’s to say I will feel this same way tomorrow or next week?  On the day I tried to take my life the pain was unbearable, the silence was unbearable, all of the “things” I had meant nothing. My life meant nothing to me. I just wanted to escape from the lack of sleep and the silence……… The silence that I attempted to escape from is not something I  can expect others to understand. I guess the best way to explain it is loneliness gives one this unpleasant feeling deep down inside your chest and in the pit of your stomach, then there is the silence. It surrounds you. No voices, no laughter, no happiness, just silence. The silence causes one to realize how lonely life can truly be , and then the symptoms come………and the chaos.

It is a battle daily to speak the truth to those thoughts that are untrue, and to make sure I take my meds, get sleep, eat right, and exercise. No alcohol or energy drinks. (I have iced coffee every once in a while) . Attend doctors visits. Get sun. (something I have noticed that helps me.)

These are just a few of the things that I have to make sure are done or not done to keep my mental health on a healthy track. Everything in life is definitely a work in progress.

My faith in getting better has dwindled and become just about non-existent. But I believe there are better days to come, even if only a few here and there. Our beliefs about our lives and ourselves have more power than I think we all realize, so this week take some time and challenge those negative beliefs/thoughts that you may be having and I will do the same.

In the meantime check out my cover of I Believe I can Fly below:

I Believe I Can Fly Cover

No, I don’t necessarily believe I can “fly,” but I do believe that in life a lot of the time we doubt the things we cannot see or imagine ourselves doing. I do believe a big part of my life is being “brave” enough to share my trials and obstacles no matter how shocking or  embarrassing these things may seem. Me not speaking up is what led to a lot of hurt, pain, and inappropriate events taking place in the last decade or so of my life. I’m tired of being silent at the wrong times, and talking when it doesn’t matter .

God give me the wisdom to speak when I need to speak. Give me the wisdom to shut up when I need to shut up. Let my journey allow people to get the help they need if they are struggling with mental health issues no matter how small they may seem. God give me strength to dedicate all I have, all I am to serving you by loving and serving others. Let me not lose focus on you. Let me not forget everything I have is because of you. Let me not ever focus on material things including money. Give me strength to use my talents to glorify you and only you. God I pray for patience and love in this dark place.God I pray that anyone reading this who is suffering with depression, anxiety, etc will go and talk to someone they trust about it. God please show them there is nothing wrong with seeking help. God I pray this in Jesus’ name amen!

our lives..2


Thank you for reading! Be sure to share ! I love all of you !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~ Natasha 


Drawing New Lines.


I didn’t draw new lines because I wanted to break rules and go against everything I once believed in. I am deciding to draw new lines in my life because I am sick and tired of trying to fit (my colors) who I am into the “lines” aka expectations I felt others put on me, and even the ones I put on myself. I have caused myself to remain coloring inside the same old lines, because I felt I was doing the best I could for myself.

I am sick and oh so very tired of trying to “fit in,” by being everything I think everybody else wants or needs me to be. Living a life to simply please other people just to not be alone is no longer worth it. I have found many people do this & it is a miserable life to live. When I am up in the middle of the night & can’t sleep, or I’m crying for hours, self harming, in the hospital, just overall NOT OKAY. Not one of those people who I tried, for so long to “keep my color inside the lines for” is anywhere to be found. So the question is why have I/we been wasting time on people who simply want us to conform to who and what they feel we should be ? WHAT ?

I could just scream today because I am sick of others telling me who or what I am or who or what I should be.

You are sensitive, Don’t be so weak, You are lazy, it’s so hard to be your friend, dealing with you and with your mental illness is too much, I don’t love you, I am not willing/capable to give you what you want/need, (Mental Illness), “Oh I can’t relate.” I will NEVER be able to understand mental illness, or those times where I tried to open up about my mental illness symptoms and I was literally ignored or the subject was changed …………

You know what I am so ashamed of myself, the same people who said those things 👆🏽(Up there)to me I tried to convince them why I was worth it their time. I tried to convince them how I could be who they wanted me to be. I attempted to convince why they should stay in my life and be my friend, associate, and sadly even my husband and ultimately I tried to convinced them why I was worth being in their life.

Me convincing them and conforming (keeping my coloring in the lines) to who or what I they wanted me to be worked, for a while. But then they ended up feeling exactly what they had said to me initially and they ended up leaving my life in one way or another. Whether I cut them off because I found out the relationship was unhealthy for my mental health or some other reason.

Looking back on it, it honestly seems like all of those relationships negatively affected my well-being and mental health, and as painful as it has been to have my life fall apart friends gone, x hub gone. I was tired of coloring in the lines.

I have grown tired of being what I everyone else wants me to be, so now I will live my life being who I feel God wants me, sticking to my morals, and being honest about my mental health. No more hiding, no more convincing people why I’m a diamond in the rough (like my mom says) if you can’t see it then you must not belong in my life.

I am making a commitment to myself, no more coloring in the lines aka conforming to what/who others tell me they want me to be. I’m not perfect and I have many flaws but no one,not me, not you should be changing themselves just to have friends, a bf,gf, husband,wife,etc because it’s not worth it and it’s exhausting.

Don’t hide yourself, your mental illness symptoms, your self harm scars, your tears, your anxiety, those are what make you, you. and something’s are out of our control. We must cope & surround ourselves with people who we don’t have to hide our imperfections from and say we are okay when NOTHING’S OKAY.

Surround yourself with people that love you despite your flaws and imperfections. Surround yourself with people who won’t call you names, who won’t make jokes about mental illness or treat you differently once they find out you have mental illness, or make you feel unwanted, unloved and like a burden, or look down on you for the self harm scars on your legs/arms/etc

Surround yourself with people who will love you with no boundaries & who will love you for you because you are worth it and so am I.❤️😘


Inspire.Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.

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Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Happy Sunday everyone ! How has your weekend been? Mine has been filled with finishing up christmas shopping, snapchatting a ton, catching up with my  high school bestie, and today I will be packing for my trip, me and Lil leave tomorrow.

Can I get a drum 🥁 roll please……

I would like to introduce you all to my support animal, you can call her “Lil” for short.

img_0092I look at my baby 🐾 and wonder, how did I ever live with these illnesses without her ?

Believe me she doesn’t cure my mental illnesses, but her being here in my life really makes me feel not so alone during those low times. Lately, those times have seemed to be more and more frequent, and some days it’s hard to function. But it is nice to have someone who doesn’t just stare at you blankly (like I’ve had loved ones do)when you’re crying & falling apart, instead she climbs into my lap or lays close to me as if signaling me that everything is going to be okay. I catch myself being so thankful to wake up and see her little beautiful face looking up at me waiting for me to feed her, waiting for me to take her for a walk, play fetch with her, or do more training.

On the days it feels impossible to get out of bed, impossible to go to class, impossible to eat, impossible not to isolate from people, impossible to leave the house,impossible to do anything but have urges to self – harm or contemplate ways to take my own life , she has helped me SNAP BACK into reality and out of my own thoughts. Caring for her has made me more present when it comes to caring for myself. (Ex. making sure I eat, exercise, etc)


I never knew how much a support animal would benefit me. Also, I never realized how smart a 7 month old pup (as of yesterday) would be, and how quick she catches on to training. She does and knows so much and her training has just began. Little does she know she has a happy, fun & meaningful life & job ahead of her and I am so blessed to have her as a part of my life.

Let’s be real, Lil is awesome, but life is life, nothing is perfect. The most stressful thing about having her is currently not being able to take her on campus with me, due to my school’s policy on ESA dogs,cats,etc.  Usually other places (stores,etc) have been really open about letting her be with me all the time.  Something that scares me is I’ve noticed I am becoming more attached to her. I even noticed myself getting anxiety when I had to leave and be away from her the other day. I have only had her for a month as of tomorrow, and she is already trained on basic commands, fetch, plus other things that help me, and she will continue training because I want her to get certified as an official service dog in the future. She has been such a breath of fresh air in my life ! She makes me laugh and she annoys me at some moments, but honestly I couldn’t imagine things any other way. My life would be more empty, lonely, and stressful without her !


I think a really important thing is, finding what works for you in your life. Ask yourself and your doctor what will benefit you the most at this point in your treatment/recovery and go from there. Originally I did have some fear when  I first started looking into getting an ESA after my doctors agreed it would  benefit me. I thought, it might be more stress than benefit. My thoughts were, I barely can effectively take care of myself, how will I take care of an ESA ? Despite those thoughts I went with my gut and I went looking and ended up finding Lil, and I don’t regret my decision one bit. I take care of her and she takes care of me !


❤  THANK YOU so much to my amazing doctors and therapists who care about my well-being and who want to see me LIVE & cope in healthy ways with my mental illnesses ! ❤

And on the other hand to all the people who have called me “weak”  or exiled me from their “friend groups” due to my conditions, or made me feel like I was an outcast, a nothing, unwanted,unloved, a burden, and disgusting, etc just know that your negativity is unneeded & despite everything you have said, done, made me feel, and the things you may continue to TRY TO DO TO  tear me down……….I WILL OVERCOME.

Inspire. Motivate. Love Natasha M.

Donate Your Love.

img_0218-e1511984999790.jpgThrough the last 4 going on 5 years of my difficult, dreadful, and stressful struggle with diagnosed mental illness, I have found that being transparent with your loved ones with either get you exiled from your family or will push your family to surround and support you with love  ❤ when you need it most.

I wasn’t always transparent when I was first diagnosed. I hid away from everyone, I would go through periods of time where I blocked my siblings from calling me, I I would always be triggered from things my parents would say, and they had no idea what was going on, I shut everyone out due to being ashamed, due to feeling like no one would understand, I felt alone, empty, and isolated simply putting a mask on being the person I thought they needed me to be. I felt like my immediate family mainly my parents would not accept me if they knew I was “mentally” ill, especially if they found out about my self harm habits I originally picked up at age 14. I was afraid they would “label” me as “crazy” and tell me I was demon possessed and try to throw a bible at me, or tell me to pray it away.

So I hid my symptoms from them the best I could. When distance is present things become easier to hide. Things got harder to hide once I was hospitalized for the first time in 2015, and from there I believe my family began to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and ask questions to one another like what’s going on with Tash. I am sure even earlier than 2015 my parents knew something was going on, but couldn’t get through to me because I refused to let them. I didn’t want to be treated like a victim. I didn’t want a pity party or people feeling sorry for me. I didn’t want to disappoint. I wanted to continue putting my mask on I had worn for years and to continue being who I thought they wanted me to be.

If I recall correctly earlier this year (2017), I got fed up with hiding parts of myself from the people who I needed support and love from. I got tired of hiding myself from the world 🌎. I got tired of saying I was okay and I wasn’t. I got tired of being someone I wasn’t. I wasn’t happy, everything wasn’t peachy. I was hurting. I was on the edge just waiting to fall………. So I finally came clean to my parents about my diagnoses and sent them articles to read about them from The National Institute of Mental Health or NIMH  for short. (Click on underlined word to check it out) At this time I started opening up to my siblings especially seeing as me and my sister have 2 of the same diagnoses. I got to a breaking point and I told myself either they will love me as I am or not at all.

To my surprise when I told my parents, yes they had questions, but I believe it was my mom who responded how can we help you ? How can we support you? My siblings followed suit and I’m sure my baby sister had a response and an attitude something like,  she couldn’t believe that me (the published author, college student, beautiful, perfect life having , ambitious young woman could have a mental illness just like her.) Little did my sister know, all those things are just TITLES and they didn’t define who I was as a person and they didn’t explain the pain I was in. When I received this response and I knew that even though I had dark days my family was going to stand behind me.

I was overwhelmed with joy at this time,and I could do nothing but remain speechless. At first I was a little hesitant to continue talking about mental health with my family. But little did I know once the door was opened a lot of truth came out, and we began to see how each of our mental health journey and lives were more similar than we thought. Time moved on I began to give my sister advice on different things that had and hadn’t worked for me living with mental illness. I continued sending articles and keeping my parents mainly my mom updated about the status of my mental health and my meds. It is at  a point where when I visit my family my mom asks me twice a day or so have I taken my meds. I roll my eyes like “yes mom,” knowing I am thankful she cared about me enough to ask.

Don’t get me wrong as blessed as I am to have such a wonderful family it is BY NO MEANS A WALK IN THE PARK. Sometimes I feel like a burden, especially when I call and wake my parents up at  2 a.m. , to tell my mom I am on my way to the hospital due to self harm, or when I argue with my brother in the family group text about suicide the bible, Jesus, and death, or when I tell my family I want to die and I confess to them having tried to kill myself by taking well over the amount of my meds I was prescribed, or the times I try to convince my mom that I am not worth loving and I tell her I am defective.

Believe me I am sure my family totally judges me, after all we are human beings before anything. But I know that they are there for me, even though I feel like a burden, I am sure they care about my well-being and for that I am beyond thankful….. most of the time.

Let me be honest it makes me so sad to have to be such a burden to my family when they have their own lives going on. I still find myself smiling when I feel empty in front of them. I find myself still kind of being ashamed of my self harm scars on my arm around them, I find myself still feeling alone when I know they are there. I find myself still contemplating death when I know it would make them upset if I took my own life. The life I didn’t give myself…….. I still find myself being so sad despite everything.

Though I/we may still have negative thoughts, we must realize how important it is to have a support system, and I am grateful for mine. I may have mental illness but I have more tools in my toolbox to fight back against it, and more tools/skills will be coming so WATCH OUT BIPOLAR, BPD, & PTSD I am COMING FOR YOU !

This blog post was actually inspired by a text I sent earlier this morning in my family group text. It included the picture you see above of me with my ❤ LOVE ❤ cup (my mom bought that for me for valentine’s day I think a few years back .) lol

The text I wrote said “Needing lots of love today!!!! Go ahead and donate your love and put it in the basket (basket emoji) ❤ you guys ! Call me soon mom and dad

Thanks to my amazing parents & siblings I love you all ! Also thanks for all the love you donated today & dad stop stealing pics of me for Facebook ! ❤ #dontstopbelieveinginme #Mentalhealthmatters #journeytowellness #letstalkabout mentalhealth

I have realized how important it is having those people who love and support you ! I want to be that support for others  whose family have yet to be open to understanding the pain & symptoms that come with having mental illness. My DM ‘s and e-mail is always open!

Together WE can Overcome !

When I

Inspire. Motivate. Love

~Natasha M.

What Defines You?

 A question I have always hated. The reason I’ve probably disliked it so much is because I never really knew the answer and I still don’t. I think I know what I want to define me…..

I have been so bogged down by can’t do and won’t dos I have lost sight of all the can do’s and all the things I have accomplished. It seems so easy to hold on to the negative aspects of our lives and let those things define us, especially if we feel guilty about those events.

Let’s be honest here, I have become so consumed with my failures and fear of failures it has began to overshadow my judgement. It has began to define me and that’s because I let it.

Last night as I sat catching up on school work, I came across a Ted Talks that blew my mind ( Link Below). Lizzie said everything in the video I needed to hear in just that moment. This is by far one of the BEST and most INSPIRATIONAL videos I’ve had the pleasure of watching !

I feel like I should rewatch it because you know what sometimes I just need someone who is going through a storm in their life too constantly just like me to make me question myself. Like what have I been doing? Fading away in misery ….. not caring about what happens to me or my life. Being silent. Being afraid to be myself…. Being afraid to be around people.  OMG I’ve put myself into a box and honestly I can’t get out of it.

Why have I stuck myself here? Why has anxiety, BPD, Bipolar and my PTSD lead me here?

The truth of the matter is, I let it lead me here, I’ve given up on others their lack of understanding, my faith is fading, my heart is growing cold, I am without love, I am without patience, and worst of all I’ve somewhat given up on myself. I am bitter. I am angry for everything I am and for everything I have become.

Interesting thing is in the below video Lizzie says something she use to wish she could scrub her syndrome off, and then her life would be better. You know I wish I could scrub my mental illness off, especially on my worse days. I wish I could wake up and not feel this anymore. I wish I could stop taking the meds. I wish it all would just stop……

But while I may have mental illness I do have some common sense, I know that’s not the way life works and it will never work that way.

I may be wrong but I believe a big difference between me and Lizzie is the fact I haven’t quite conquered the action of acceptance. I don’t know how. Is it me saying? I’m ill and that’s okay. I can’t say that, I can’t believe that. It’s not okay, the sadness hurts, I don’t like being like this……..  and it hasn’t been okay for a long time. On the other hand Lizzie has accepted her syndrome, and has learned to look at the positives aspects of it like you will see in the video below!

It is time for a new perspective because the way I am seeing things now is only distorting my view and hurting me more by worsening my conditions.

People like Lizzie, are so brave and courageous, and it melts my heart because I aspire to be more like her, and accept and overcome my illness. Though me and Lizzie deal with different types of “illnesses,” I connected so much with what she said. Her words, honesty, and willingness to share her journey had me in tears ! Make sure you watch this & be inspired ! ❤

Be sure to share! ❤

Inspire.Motivate. Love
~Natasha R. Minier

Broken Arm and Depression.


This is extremely sad and true. While it does seem people are more open to the “mental health” conversation now more than they probably were ten or even twenty years ago there still seems to be ALOT OF stigma.

This quote reminds me of a recent situation I experienced from another student at my school. I was treated differently once this student found out I had mental illness. The situation became so stressful I began to feel defective, like an outcast and a burden to the world.

But I wonder if I had a broken arm instead of mental illness would this student have discriminated against me still? Would they have said unnecessary things? Would they have been more empathetic? Would I have been singled out? Would things have been different ?

Sad to say but I am pretty sure they would have been different if I had a broken arm instead.
As much as these type of situations push us to want to repay evil for evil, we must NOT.

We must stick to our good morals & what we know is right despite how much pain we may feel. We must fight with good as hard as it may be.

I am so imperfect and I fought this battle with silence towards the individual that was doing the most discriminating. I fought with secret tears and rants to loved ones about what I did wrong and how I am so annoyed,angry, and stressed out I was over the whole situation. I also fought with hate, directed towards myself for being ill.  Keep in mind, I am no victim, so don’t get mistaken reading this. I don’t need or want a pity party, plenty of people deal with discrimination in even worse ways than I experienced it. This was just my first time I recall experiencing discrimination due to my mental illness, and it really sucked and was miserable. Discrimination is one thing when you can remove yourself immediately from the unhealthy situation, but it’s another thing when it’s day in and day out over a period of time.

I had to hear it over and over again from loved ones and friends that I was not the problem in the situation and still I didn’t believe it. The discrimination I was experiencing along with other stressors evoked a hate and despair in me I didn’t know existed. Hate, me? I love everyone, I thought. Everyone but MYSELF, I continuously wonder why have I hated myself for so long and why did this situation strengthen that hate. I believe it’s because I never thought I was good enough. From as far back as I can remember I seemed to always be messing up something, getting made fun of in school, or not meeting the expectations I set for myself.

As the situation continued at school, I thought to myself  if only I didn’t have mental illness I would have been treated better, I would have been accepted and there would have been no tension. Silly me, I knew deep down this wasn’t true, if discrimination was in a person’s heart then no matter what you do their true colors will most likely come out of them sooner or later.

Despite the discrimination I experienced I am going to get back on a path of wellness, continue writing my memoir and my creative non-fiction book , continue with school, and seek God.  One moment at a time, I can’t give up now, I am kind of sure my purpose on earth has not been fulfilled just yet.

I also STRONGLY believe #Mentalhealthmatters and that we as a society need to talk about it and stop judging and discriminating.

Let’s open our ears to listen and open our hearts to accept and embrace differences.

Inspire.Love & Motivate. Natasha M.

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