Happy Mother’s Day Mum! 🌹

Let’s be honest we all have been searching for that perfect Mother’s Day gift the last few weeks…….Right? or for some of the procrastinaters, the last few days huh? lol  There is nothing wrong with that but I would like to point out something……….

Mother’s, fathers , friends, etc should not only be celebrated on holidays including birthdays or Mother or Father’s Day. We should be celebrating our loved ones year round, just because we can. We should celebrate them with our time, resources, a listening ear, or what ever else we can offer that they may need. Sad to say, and I am sorry I have to be the “party pooper,” but the truth is holidays are just made up so that various companies can make money off of us ! You agree huh ?

My point of this blog is not to bash holidays but just to remind people to check themselves and make sure they AREN’T waiting until birthdays and man-made holidays to celebrate and show appreciation for their loved ones! Also always keep in mind buying expensive gifts one or two times a year don’t necessarily mean you love someone. Love is so much more and so much deeper than materialistic things, and the sooner some of us realize that the better.

Despite the above statements I am keeping in mind that it is still Mother’s Day and I want to take some time to brag on my mum and our mother daughter bond/relationship. Like I continue to tell people in general no relationship is easy, it has its up and downs to it. No relationship is perfect, but I sure am thankful for my relationship with my mum.

As I grow I learn. I learn from the world around me and most importantly I learn from the person I spend lotssss of time talking to and bonding with…. my Mum. Me and my mother are two very different people to say the least and we see the world through two different lenses. I would say hers is a little more colored while mine is more so black and white due to various differences in our backgrounds & interpretations of the world around us.

I tend to be a bit more “sensitive” as some would say in my family while others look at my mum and comment on how “strong” & resilient she has been through difficult mishaps over the last 2 decades in her kids lives and in her own personal life/marriage(s).

Side Note: When God made me I believe he took pieces of…. ( Yes, I am aware about the chromosomes you get from both parents, just follow me here lol.) my mother and my father and put me together. As I continue to grow older I see more of my mum’s resilience in me, and the need to fight my way through troubles no matter how many times I have to fall, and also I see a very opinionated mindset meaning when I aim to do something nothing & I mean nothing will stand in my way. (So thank you for those great traits Mum, believe I need them along with YOU NOW more than ever) Don’t worry daddy I didn’t forget about you. The more I grow I see more of my dad’s relaxed humor and need to connect with others constantly in my personality. (Thanks dad, I may not be as funny as you but you know, I have my moments.)

I continue to remain thankful for all the good and not so good traits I received from my Mum and Dad! I guess you could say, I wouldn’t be me without them.

Now come on, of course my mom had her mind of what she wanted for Mother’s Day already and I was blessed enough to be able to do for her what I could but me being so extra, artsy, and let’s not forget a writer I couldn’t help myself but to make a collage. The collage has some pics of me and my mum to remind me just how awesome, beautiful, talented, honest (sometimes toooo “honest) and sometimes ”un” funny(🤣) she is. I wouldn’t trade her for anything though! Lol! I love today and everyday Mum !

I wish I had more pictures of my beautiful mum but it has been a while since I have seen her in person…. But I do have some embarrassing pics from us video chatting (seeing as we talk like everyday) I could have dug up & posted those pics but….nvm! Hope you enjoyed my blog! Also don’t forget, don’t wait until a “holiday” or special occasion to celebrate and show love and attention to your loved ones ! Do it everyday !!! Because why not ? Life is short . 🌹

As always thank you for reading and stay tuned ! & I just want to say Happy Freaking Mother’s Day to all the hardworking, beautiful, intelligent Mother’s who have raised or are raising children ! You deserve to be celebrated everyday for your sacrifices, patience, and your unconditional love for your families !!!!!!! XOXOX

~Natasha M.




Introduction to Author Natasha R. Minier 💚

I wanted to take a moment & say hello 👋 to all my new & old subscribers !💋💓

I am Natasha but some ppl call me Nat & my family calls me Tash. I am 24 years old & my page Facebook.com/natashaminier documents my journey with mental illness along with giving updates on my upcoming memoir, my book Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes & Colorless Love (BOTH BOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ), my weekly blog posts and sometimes random singing videos or vlogs.

My goal is to inspire others with my story and be a voice to all the people that have been suffering in silence. 💡🤐 I am young but I have been through tragedies I would never wish on another human being and I hope through my journey others will know they are not alone. 🌎🌻🌼 Mental health matters and I want to show my family, loved ones, & others I don’t know personally know just how devastating symptoms can be. The truth is we need to talk about mental health with one another and end the stigma. We need to show others it’s okay to speak out and SEEK HELP, ATTEND THERAPY, TAKE MEDS, etc. The people struggling with mental health issues need to know it is okay to do whatever you need to do to take care of your mental health. There is no need to be ashamed. You are NOT WEAK BECAUSE YOU SEEK HELP. You are BRAVE! REMEMBER THAT. We need to show more LOVE to the people like me, that struggle day in and day out with mental illness symptoms. I don’t exactly understand everything about my illnesses and despite the fact I have bad days, I will use everything I have for good & to change the world. 🗺 Love is the greatest gift you can give others and I will use every talent God has blessed me with & every piece of my energy to spread love, even on my bad days.💚

I wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for subscribing and taking your time to read my work! I appreciate all the likes & feedback! ❤️


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This is a journey for me & I am confident God will get me through whatever may come & he will get you through too ! Let’s raise awareness about mental illness together !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ❤️

~ Natasha R. Minier


If you have been reading my blogs, posts on my Instagram, or my Facebook posts on my author’s page for the past few months then you are aware how much I have been struggling and dealing with different symptoms caused by having mental illness, along with hospitalizations, discrimination, depression, self-harm etc. Through all that I have been fighting daily to try to stay balanced and on a path of wellness that honors God, myself, my morals, and to get into a mindset where I am showing plenty of love to myself & those around me. One of my biggest goals of 2017 was getting 2 books written and available for others to read. Unfortunately, I have felt so trapped and incapable of doing things, I came to a standstill when working on both my upcoming Memoir & Colorless Love and I was convinced I never would finish them because of all the chaos happening in my mind and in my life………..

BUT I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY 2nd book is on AMAZON.COM & is available for PURCHASE TODAY at the LINK BELOW !!!!!!!!


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 I was so hesitant on when I should post about my new book, because lord’s willing my memoir will be out an available for purchase January 1st, 2018 , and I wanted to release both books at the same time. But I figured it’s Christmas and why not post on my blog today about Colorless Love ? It has been a lot and I do mean a lot, of tears, of longggg nights, and of just plain stress. Despite all this, I am so happy to be able to have finished my second book and have it available for you all to purchase! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy being able to share it with you! May it inspire you to LOVE MORE and JUDGE LESS !

Thank you so much for reading my work, take a few moments click on the above link to check out a sample of the book and happy reading ! (:

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope everyone is spending time connecting with family and making memories! Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for all of you ! Blessings always !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.

Damage and Broken…..Do these words really describe me?

Come on let’s be real, when dealing with having mental illness day in and day out it is not EASY to be excited and tell yourself you’re healing, rediscovering yourself, or starting over because some days it just doesn’t feel like that at all.

It feels like you are drowning in both emotion and misery, and they both consume you. At this point you feel damaged and you feel broken. These feelings are painful. I have experienced this time and time again over the last few years of my life and even before then.

But every time I overcame these days and bounced back out of my bipolar depression, I looked back like thank God I didn’t give up that day that misery and pain consumed me, because if I did I wouldn’t have got to experience the good moments that I do have.

Things are so much more difficult than just telling a person with mental health issues to “stay positive,” it’s not that simple and honestly it is annoying hearing this. Like I am struggling enough and trying not to drown and here you come telling me to just stay positive…. 😞 If it were that easy, don’t you think I would snap my fingers and just be staying positive all the time ?I’m doing the best I possibly can as I gain knowledge about my mental illnesses, God’s purpose for my life, exploring different coping skills,etc.

Despite I am dealing with some sadness and fatigue today, and I may not be able to honestly tell myself I am healing, rediscovering myself and starting over I do have something to tell myself. The best thing I can tell myself is today I’m choosing to LIVE. No self harm, no contemplating dieing and I will be avoiding triggers to the best of my ability, and using my time to do some much-needed self-care & writing.

Today I sincerely hope that if you are struggling with mental illness you can stand beside me 👫👭👬in the fight against mental illness and choose to LIVE today too. •

Together WE can overcome. 💚

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~Natasha M.

Mental Health Matters and This Is My Journey

I wake up some days and all I want to do is stay in bed or in one spot all day. My body wants one thing and my mind wants another. I feel down dealing with the depressive end of bipolar symptoms, I want to isolate from people, I don’t care about eating or doing self-care. I just want to stay in my misery and keep it to myself so I am not a burden to anyone else with my hopeless feelings or talk of how bad I feel.

So what right ? Everyone has their own battles to fight and I don’t want to make it seem like my issues with mental illness are more significant than anyone else’s problems. We all struggle and have battles to fight just in different ways and in different areas of our lives. Certain days my body says one thing and my mind says something else, and that was definitely the case today. My body felt tired but my mind started going and going. Days like today I can’t figure out where my body gets the energy or drive to go and just do, but I am thankful today was one of those days. As much as I wanted to just say blah, I didn’t. I was able to get up, clean a little bit, and exercise. I have/ am still learning to be grateful for those bright and beautiful moments like me having energy to do my makeup,straighten my hair, hang out with friends, go to class, brush my teeth, etc because I know when I experience escalated symptoms like I have been for the last few months and I feel lower than low these things seem like the hardest things ever to try to do.

I am so thankful that I was able to do some self-care not only for my physical well-being but also for my mental well-being . One moment at a time on the path to wellness, it hasn’t been a perfect journey thus far but it will be worth it. I am thankful for my victory today & I hope you take time to appreciate and acknowledge your victories too !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~Natasha M.


depression defined

Depression is a hard thing to explain and it’s even more complicated when you have “BPD Depression.” It does indeed feel like drowning. Drowning in misery to say the least. To me it’s almost like during these times the world moves in slow motion, and I’m just still, unable to move. Unable to function,unable to care, unable to do anything but exist and drown.

Over the last few years, I have been struggling with mental illness. Over the last 3 months my symptoms and conditions have worsened. It has become harder to care for myself so that I can bounce back from all the symptoms and hospitalizations lately. Some days bouncing back/recovering from the episodes seem impossible to me because my mind is filled with nothing but darkness and I don’t see a future for myself.

I’ve heard  my counselors tell I’m worth getting better, but I haven’t been able to quite grasp on to that idea.

Recently someone asked what do I want to do with my life? I immediately replied something like I don’t really know, originally I wanted to be a doctor but lately with how out of control my mental illness symptoms have been that goal seems impossible now, but I know for sure no matter what I want to write and continue being an author for the rest of my life. Writing gives me purpose and reminds me what it feels like to actually feel alive.

When I write, depression can’t find me and if it does, I pour it out on the paper with my pencil. When I write the misery, the PTSD, the bipolar disorder, the borderline personality disorder, the anxiety can’t hold me captive. I can escape, even if only for a moment.

As hard as it is, finding coping skills and activities that work for you is what is most important to help you get through those bad moments and bad days.

Writing may not cure me, but it sure does make my life feel like it has a purpose. God gave me this passion for a reason and I plan to continue to use it to spread hope, inspire & motivate others with my story, and stop the stigma around mental health. Let’s talk about it and stop judging one another because I know from experience #mentalhealthmatters !

Be sure if you haven’t already check out my blog titled Broken Arm & Depression that speaks about the discrimination I experienced at school due to a student finding out I had a mental illness.

Thanks so much to all my subscribers for continuing to read my work, please expect an exclusive interview series coming soon and some cool sneak previews of my new memoir that will be out and available for purchase on AMAZON as an e-book & paperback the week of January 1, 2018. Please continue to keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you ! Expect great things COMING SOON for all my current and future SUBSCRIBERS!

Inspire. Motivate. Love. 

~Natasha M.


Broken Arm and Depression.


This is extremely sad and true. While it does seem people are more open to the “mental health” conversation now more than they probably were ten or even twenty years ago there still seems to be ALOT OF stigma.

This quote reminds me of a recent situation I experienced from another student at my school. I was treated differently once this student found out I had mental illness. The situation became so stressful I began to feel defective, like an outcast and a burden to the world.

But I wonder if I had a broken arm instead of mental illness would this student have discriminated against me still? Would they have said unnecessary things? Would they have been more empathetic? Would I have been singled out? Would things have been different ?

Sad to say but I am pretty sure they would have been different if I had a broken arm instead.
As much as these type of situations push us to want to repay evil for evil, we must NOT.

We must stick to our good morals & what we know is right despite how much pain we may feel. We must fight with good as hard as it may be.

I am so imperfect and I fought this battle with silence towards the individual that was doing the most discriminating. I fought with secret tears and rants to loved ones about what I did wrong and how I am so annoyed,angry, and stressed out I was over the whole situation. I also fought with hate, directed towards myself for being ill.  Keep in mind, I am no victim, so don’t get mistaken reading this. I don’t need or want a pity party, plenty of people deal with discrimination in even worse ways than I experienced it. This was just my first time I recall experiencing discrimination due to my mental illness, and it really sucked and was miserable. Discrimination is one thing when you can remove yourself immediately from the unhealthy situation, but it’s another thing when it’s day in and day out over a period of time.

I had to hear it over and over again from loved ones and friends that I was not the problem in the situation and still I didn’t believe it. The discrimination I was experiencing along with other stressors evoked a hate and despair in me I didn’t know existed. Hate, me? I love everyone, I thought. Everyone but MYSELF, I continuously wonder why have I hated myself for so long and why did this situation strengthen that hate. I believe it’s because I never thought I was good enough. From as far back as I can remember I seemed to always be messing up something, getting made fun of in school, or not meeting the expectations I set for myself.

As the situation continued at school, I thought to myself  if only I didn’t have mental illness I would have been treated better, I would have been accepted and there would have been no tension. Silly me, I knew deep down this wasn’t true, if discrimination was in a person’s heart then no matter what you do their true colors will most likely come out of them sooner or later.

Despite the discrimination I experienced I am going to get back on a path of wellness, continue writing my memoir and my creative non-fiction book , continue with school, and seek God.  One moment at a time, I can’t give up now, I am kind of sure my purpose on earth has not been fulfilled just yet.

I also STRONGLY believe #Mentalhealthmatters and that we as a society need to talk about it and stop judging and discriminating.

Let’s open our ears to listen and open our hearts to accept and embrace differences.

Inspire.Love & Motivate. Natasha M.