The Things We Don’t Tell….

The word testimony has always made me nervous, even now. I always looked at it like some sort of magical thing, as if I could never have one because I’m so imperfect and I make mistakes and I slip up even as a christian. Feeling the heavy burden of being imperfect no matter what I did weighed on me a lot at one time. It weighed on me so much  it even stopped me from sharing the good news about Jesus Christ dieing for our sins with others.

As I went to church last Sunday, I had no idea what was about to happen . The preacher starts preaching and he tells us it is going to be an interactive service so get out our notes. To make a long story short a testimony planning guide with blank spaces on it was our note sheet. The pastor then brought out his daughter who shared her testimony from her testimony planning guide. Throughout the service we had a certain amount of time to go through each section and fill out our testimony. I guess I thought it might be hard,but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. After we finished filling it out we were then challenged to go share our testimony with another person. Truth is, I was scared. Don’t get me wrong I love to talk to people, but I worried about being judged for what I had written as my testimony. I also felt as if  I had no business sharing my testimony, because of my imperfections. Funny thing is after I shared my testimony I could see that woman shedding tears and she even asked to hug me. Of course I said “yes.” But I wondered why she was crying. After she shared her testimony with me about Jesus working in her life I understood.Our stories were similar and this was important to me because it helped me to further realize everyone has their own obstacles in life. Despite obstacles we all need Jesus and we have to realize despite obstacles Jesus loves us. Now, I want to share my testimony with you. I pray that my testimony leads others to God & inspires others to share their testimonies. (John3:16)

  • I Was

My name is Natasha Minier and I grew up in Georgia. Before giving my heart to God, my life/heart was shattered.I believed I would be happy if I was successful enough to outrun the hurt I hid in the back of my brain and if I gave everyone else the love I longed for. For example, it wouldn’t be uncommon for me to be depressed, never feel like enough, and try to love away my hurt to try to fill the emptiness in my heart. After awhile, my behavior began to make me feel empty,hopeless,depressed,angry,moody, and that wasn’t working for me.

  • Then Jesus

At this point in my life, my belief about God was if I was a better person then I would deserve his love. But it wasn’t until I realized doing things my way only left me more empty and confused and that Jesus loved me despite the fact I was imperfect and didn’t feel like I deserved to be loved by him. I finally decided that I wanted to receive Jesus as my savior, so when I was broken-hearted, hopeless, suffering from mental illness, feeling lost, and as low as I could get, I proceeded to accept Jesus Christ into my heart and accept and know he died for my sins. Afterwards, I didn’t view my understanding of life’s whys,loving away the hurt and success as my ultimate source of happiness anymore. I now know that the only way to finally receive joy and contentment is through putting God in the center of everything I do and making sure he is my foundation.

  • Since Then

In my old life, before trusting God, I found comfort, identity, and fulfillment in trying to love away my hurt, being successful, trying to answer the hard why questions in life, and finding ways to avoid loving myself. After I received Jesus, the things I did with my time completely changed. Now I pray and seek God in all I do, I give thanks to God in both good and bad times, and I am working on spreading more love to others with my actions & words. My life has changed dramatically. Though I may still struggle with things, they’re getting better, and I’m different in so many ways, such as learning to trust God,seeking help to manage my mental illness,and finding ways to love myself better(though it’s extremely hard) and be who God has made me to be.

Encouragement For Others

Let me encourage you to trust God with your life. He has been so faithful to me and has never left me (he has always been there even before I was saved) but has always loved me and wanted the best for me and I know he will do the same with you.

Asking Jesus Into Your Life Is As Easy As A-B-C

Father, I Admit that I am a sinner and that my sin has brought death and destruction into my life, my relationships with people, and my relationship with God. Romans 3:23, 6:23

I Believe that Jesus died for my sins and that His death paid the penalty for my sins. Romans 5:8

I Confess or agree that Jesus is Lord, that He died and rose from the dead, and is able to forgive me of my sins. Romans 10:9-10

Jesus, I trust that You love me and can hear my prayer. By faith I ask You to please forgive me and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I surrender my life to You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Thank you for reading, and remember God loves you more in one moment than a person could in a lifetime ! Comment below with your testimony.

Be Blessed !