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psychadelic_headHello Hello my lovely subscribers ! I want to first start off by saying how sorry that I have been so neglectful when it comes to blogging lately. Let me tell you what has been up with m and what exactly i’ve been working on!

The last month of  my life has been hectic, eye-opening, and stressful. I was with my family on the other side of the country, I got my hair all shaved off, I was still finishing up work from my fall classes due to special circumstances, not to mention I just finished & published my 2nd book titled Colorless Love (NOW ON AMAZON)(CLICK TITLE TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY TODAY), and last but not least I am working on my memoir along with my “pitch deck” trying to decide if I am going to compete in a competition with my memoir in a few weeks at my school. As you can see I have been staying pretty busy I was spending lots of time with my family along with working and having more than 1 late night ! On top of all this I have also been dealing with various mental illness symptoms, which has been difficult at some moments but I made it through. The more I accept myself the easier it will become to cope, I hope…….

Lately, I have noticed myself vlogging quite a bit and posting it on my youtube page along with singing on my karaoke applications on my phone!  I think it’s the fact that I have been trying to find healthy ways to express myself, distract myself, that I have been so concentrated on vlogging and singing! They have been pretty good stress relievers honestly. Below you will find the vlogging series I have been working on!



PART III is now uploaded on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL

(CLICK ON NAME –) :Words Ar3 Art    

Side Note:  Part III of this series is my favorite vlog so far , because how vulnerable and honest I am about how events in my life have affected the way I view myself and how I answer the question what is beauty to me. So be sure to check it out ! Also be sure to check out some of my fun 50 second to 1 minute fun singing videos ! ❤ (most of them are acapella, because why not)

Thanks for reading everyone ! ❤ Happy Friday !!!


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Inspire. Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.


Introduction to Author Natasha R. Minier 💚

I wanted to take a moment & say hello 👋 to all my new & old subscribers !💋💓

I am Natasha but some ppl call me Nat & my family calls me Tash. I am 24 years old & my page Facebook.com/natashaminier documents my journey with mental illness along with giving updates on my upcoming memoir, my book Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes & Colorless Love (BOTH BOOKS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON ), my weekly blog posts and sometimes random singing videos or vlogs.

My goal is to inspire others with my story and be a voice to all the people that have been suffering in silence. 💡🤐 I am young but I have been through tragedies I would never wish on another human being and I hope through my journey others will know they are not alone. 🌎🌻🌼 Mental health matters and I want to show my family, loved ones, & others I don’t know personally know just how devastating symptoms can be. The truth is we need to talk about mental health with one another and end the stigma. We need to show others it’s okay to speak out and SEEK HELP, ATTEND THERAPY, TAKE MEDS, etc. The people struggling with mental health issues need to know it is okay to do whatever you need to do to take care of your mental health. There is no need to be ashamed. You are NOT WEAK BECAUSE YOU SEEK HELP. You are BRAVE! REMEMBER THAT. We need to show more LOVE to the people like me, that struggle day in and day out with mental illness symptoms. I don’t exactly understand everything about my illnesses and despite the fact I have bad days, I will use everything I have for good & to change the world. 🗺 Love is the greatest gift you can give others and I will use every talent God has blessed me with & every piece of my energy to spread love, even on my bad days.💚

I wanted to say THANK YOU to you all for subscribing and taking your time to read my work! I appreciate all the likes & feedback! ❤️


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This is a journey for me & I am confident God will get me through whatever may come & he will get you through too ! Let’s raise awareness about mental illness together !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ❤️

~ Natasha R. Minier


If you have been reading my blogs, posts on my Instagram, or my Facebook posts on my author’s page for the past few months then you are aware how much I have been struggling and dealing with different symptoms caused by having mental illness, along with hospitalizations, discrimination, depression, self-harm etc. Through all that I have been fighting daily to try to stay balanced and on a path of wellness that honors God, myself, my morals, and to get into a mindset where I am showing plenty of love to myself & those around me. One of my biggest goals of 2017 was getting 2 books written and available for others to read. Unfortunately, I have felt so trapped and incapable of doing things, I came to a standstill when working on both my upcoming Memoir & Colorless Love and I was convinced I never would finish them because of all the chaos happening in my mind and in my life………..

BUT I AM SO HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT MY 2nd book is on AMAZON.COM & is available for PURCHASE TODAY at the LINK BELOW !!!!!!!!


Click to Purchase your copy of Colorless Love 

Description Below:


 I was so hesitant on when I should post about my new book, because lord’s willing my memoir will be out an available for purchase January 1st, 2018 , and I wanted to release both books at the same time. But I figured it’s Christmas and why not post on my blog today about Colorless Love ? It has been a lot and I do mean a lot, of tears, of longggg nights, and of just plain stress. Despite all this, I am so happy to be able to have finished my second book and have it available for you all to purchase! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy being able to share it with you! May it inspire you to LOVE MORE and JUDGE LESS !

Thank you so much for reading my work, take a few moments click on the above link to check out a sample of the book and happy reading ! (:

Merry Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope everyone is spending time connecting with family and making memories! Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for all of you ! Blessings always !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~ Natasha M.

Damages Caused by Mental Illness Interview.

This clip is from an interview titled “The Damage Mental Illness Can Do,” And is now uploaded on YouTube. LINK BELOW

In this interview I am answering some unexpected questions about mental health and my journey with mental illness.

I am opening up and talking about my past fears, current struggles, and future worries. I am being transparent, so that others who watch it suffering too will know they are not alone.

I hope this video is an inspiration for others & I hope if you are a family member or close friend of mine this gives you a better idea of what I’m going through, and how living with this illness has been for me. I hope this also shows just how human and imperfect I am and in turn this shows you that if you are suffering it is okay to SPEAK OUT and seek help. ❤️

Thank you for all the love and support & please tell me how I can continue to help and inspire. DM on IG ( @Wordsar3art) or e-mail me anytime! I love hearing from you all ! ❤️

Click below to watch full interview:

The Damage Mental Illness Can Do Interview Video

Inspire.Motivate. Love Natasha M.

All Of Me.💚❤️

I’ve been singing 🎶 quite a bit, getting ready for my upcoming book releases 📖,

and being a little sick due to ill effects from food/meds, I believe.

Something I continue to struggle with day in and day out is self-hatred. Feeling like I’m not good enough, feeling like a burden, feeling like a mistake, felling like I deserve bad things that have happened to me, overall just feeling icky about myself and who I am.

But despite those thoughts and feelings I’ve had for years, I am on a mission to learn to love &take care of myself better. I’m not perfect at it, but I have been better. I’ve been more in tune with taking care of my body. I’ve been better with accessing how I feel &when I need to remove myself from a toxic or triggering situation. I don’t miss doses of meds. I’ve started to watch what I eat and I am in the process of transitioning to full vegan, I’ve been a vegetarian for about 8 or so years and I’m ready to take it a step farther. I want to care for my body & mind in ways I’ve neglected to in the past.

All these things I’ve been doing are self-care .Basic self-care can be really hard for me some days. Especially those days I have no appetitie and I don’t want to get out of bed due to depression. But practicing these new self-care habits has started to help me to care about and love myself more. It’s definitely a DIFFICULT process but I pray it continues and become easier even on the difficult days.

I dedicate this song to myself because I’m truly learning to love All of Me ! 💚❤️ Flaws & all. Excuse all my silly faces in the video! I was literally looking at myself and singing to myself ! 🤓 because why not ? It’s a great feeling to sing to myself, be silly, and just embrace my flaws. This video makes me smile ! 😊😀

I hope that if you suffer from self-hatred, negative thoughts about yourself, or low self-esteem you find ways to LOVE and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Embrace who you are & all those beautiful and amazing things about yourself! You are beautiful, handsome, amazing, cool, special and God loves you & don’t let the world 🌎 tell you any different ….

Inspire. Motivate. Love 

~Natasha R. Minier

Mental Health Matters and This Is My Journey

I wake up some days and all I want to do is stay in bed or in one spot all day. My body wants one thing and my mind wants another. I feel down dealing with the depressive end of bipolar symptoms, I want to isolate from people, I don’t care about eating or doing self-care. I just want to stay in my misery and keep it to myself so I am not a burden to anyone else with my hopeless feelings or talk of how bad I feel.

So what right ? Everyone has their own battles to fight and I don’t want to make it seem like my issues with mental illness are more significant than anyone else’s problems. We all struggle and have battles to fight just in different ways and in different areas of our lives. Certain days my body says one thing and my mind says something else, and that was definitely the case today. My body felt tired but my mind started going and going. Days like today I can’t figure out where my body gets the energy or drive to go and just do, but I am thankful today was one of those days. As much as I wanted to just say blah, I didn’t. I was able to get up, clean a little bit, and exercise. I have/ am still learning to be grateful for those bright and beautiful moments like me having energy to do my makeup,straighten my hair, hang out with friends, go to class, brush my teeth, etc because I know when I experience escalated symptoms like I have been for the last few months and I feel lower than low these things seem like the hardest things ever to try to do.

I am so thankful that I was able to do some self-care not only for my physical well-being but also for my mental well-being . One moment at a time on the path to wellness, it hasn’t been a perfect journey thus far but it will be worth it. I am thankful for my victory today & I hope you take time to appreciate and acknowledge your victories too !

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~Natasha M.

When I Die You’ll Love Me….Lil Peep

Initially, I was sitting on my bed on my phone and I began looking through my phone news aka Top Stories, if you have an iPhone you may be familiar with this.  That is when I saw the name “When I die you’ll Love me.” What stuck with me was the word die, so I clicked on the story (Link Below). With all the pain I have been feeling inside lately maybe I was bound to read a story that I would connect with. As I read this story, it broke my heart. 21-year-old rapper/ singer dead  from what everyone is saying was a drug overdose?

I continued reading but before I did that I made sure I watched the video that people made for this article. It saddens me that one of the slides said that he rapped about his  drug use, specifically pills. Then I read that he told Pitchfork in an interview earlier this year that he suffers from depression and some days “he wakes up and he’s like  F***, I wish I didn’t wake up.” Did him saying that not worry anyone? His family? His friends? etc? Like I don’t get it, did anyone try to get him help or reach out to him? Did anyone try to intervene?  Deep breathe. Who knows the REAL behind the scenes story of what happened,  but something I am sure of is that depression, anxiety and any kind of drugs including pills are never a good mix, unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Which maybe in this case they were, but who knows?

Look before I say what I am about to say, I will say this “I did not personally know Lil Peep nor did I listen to his music, but mental health issues are mental health issues and I felt the need to write my opinions on this sad tragedy.”  In looking at Lil Peep’s last few posts on social it almost seems like he is calling out for help by some of the things he was writing. For example he posted a picture of himself and the caption said I feel empty, then he posted a video of himself trying to get a pill into his mouth and shaking a pill bottle, then in another post he posted a picture of the bottom half of his body and the caption says When I die you’ll love me. I am tearing up writing this because, situations like this are so sad, they suck. He was a son, a friend, a cousin, an artist, etc and I am no expert, but in looking at all these posts it really looks like he had given up and didn’t care anymore. Getting to that point with depression sucks and is such a painful and lonely place, and then on top of that the doing drugs instead of getting help make things worse. It’s definitely not always easy to just say to someone hey I need help, I feel hopeless, I want to die, I am sad,etc. Instead of saying these things, we act out, through our actions, with anger, self-harm, drug use, etc.  This is how we call for help, and we just keep going and going and going until that one day, we slit our wrist too deep or we take one too many pills or we shoot too much of that drug up and we pass away.

Then people want to cry, then people talk about what they could have, would have and should have done, but didn’t when we were alive. People even talk about how much they loved and adored that person so much, but it’s funny because those same people are usually the ones who never tried to help, who never cared how you felt or listened to you, those are the same people who never bothered to slow down and take a moment to just look at you, and see you were in pain, when you were calling for help when you were alive.  As tragic as this story is it should really push us into how we should be talking about  the importance of mental health awareness how #Mentalhealthmatters & how abusing drugs is not okay.

Please get help if you are having mental health issues, you may feel alone but I guarantee you, you are not. I am suffering too, and believe me even though I feel like others usually don’t understand my symptoms and what I am going through, I am so glad I got help. When I got to that breaking point where I wanted to od, and just die, life had become so empty and meaningless to me at that time, my actions were screaming for help but I couldn’t open my mouth and tell my loved ones I needed help. It took them taking action before I slipped away into my misery further. Every day is a battle for me and I am still working my way away from those feelings and thoughts, but throughout it all as much as I disliked being in the hospital, seeing doctors, and feeling like the “crazy person,” it was worth getting help. So today be true to yourself, be good to yourself , and talk to someone you trust or love and get yourself help, it is never too late.

R.I.P  Gustav Åhr  Aka Lil Peep & I pray God watches over your loved ones in this very difficult time. Despite your faults, thank you for sharing your gifts with all your fans & just being yourself through your music.

❤ ❤

lil peep

❤ ❤

Inspire. Motivate. Love ~Natasha Minier


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