Exclusive Sneak Preview….

Writing Titled Fear From the Book: Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes

Lately, I’ve had readers tell me how much they really liked and connected with this writing from my latest book Words Are Art, so I’ve decided to give a sneak peek to all the readers who haven’t purchased their copy of my book.

How would you like to be both motivated and inspired, while gaining different outlooks on various subjects such as fear, mental illness, or losing a loved one, etc ? Check out my book Words Are Art !!!❤️📖


Be Yourself…

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I really like this picture of myself.  Some of the reasons I like this picture are because I have on no makeup,  my hair is messy & blowing in the wind, you can see my tired eyes, some acne, my braces showing, my uneven eyebrows  and if you look closely you can kind of see the scar on the left side of my forehead(technically on the right side in this picture) . The only editing I did to this picture is brightening it up other than that, this is all me, imperfections and all.

It seems a lot of people are afraid to show or be themselves in today’s society.  Instead we become what we believe others want us to be. It’s like we have gotten so afraid of being rejected we hide or change ourselves to please others and fit into their expectations of us.

I spent years of my life always trying to live up to the expectations of what “I thought” loved ones wanted me to be, and all it did was make me unhappy. It made me begin to put on a facade that masked the real me. I became convinced I wouldn’t be accepted if my loved ones really knew me, flaws,mental illness, and all. I got to a point where I hid so much of me I was unsure who I was, and it was causing me a lot of emotional stress.
In the midst of me trying to hide parts of myself and not be myself, distance grew between us. Not only did distance grow but resentment in me grew because I wanted nothing more than to be myself , but I had faked for so long it felt impossible.  I felt conflicted, but I didn’t know how to be myself anymore. I was confused on what to do and this went on for years. It wasn’t until I got tired of being unreal with everyone, and I asked the questions who am I living for? and why do I continue to hide myself ? that I was able to gain a new perspective . When I got to that point and I realized how unhappy I was making myself, out came the truth. It took me a long time to get to the point where I realized I was doing myself more harm than good by hiding parts of myself.

Don’t make the mistake I made, don’t waste precious time living your life and being what your friends or family want you to be, or what you think they want you to be, live your life to please God. I’ve come to realize through my own struggles that being yourself and surrounding yourself with people who love you for you is more gratifying and less headache. We are all imperfect. It is okay to be yourself. It is also okay to be different, you don’t have to fit in or be what others expect you to be.

–  Love God & Love People. Be Blessed & Thanks for reading.