When I Die You’ll Love Me….Lil Peep

Initially, I was sitting on my bed on my phone and I began looking through my phone news aka Top Stories, if you have an iPhone you may be familiar with this.  That is when I saw the name “When I die you’ll Love me.” What stuck with me was the word die, so I clicked on the story (Link Below). With all the pain I have been feeling inside lately maybe I was bound to read a story that I would connect with. As I read this story, it broke my heart. 21-year-old rapper/ singer dead  from what everyone is saying was a drug overdose?

I continued reading but before I did that I made sure I watched the video that people made for this article. It saddens me that one of the slides said that he rapped about his  drug use, specifically pills. Then I read that he told Pitchfork in an interview earlier this year that he suffers from depression and some days “he wakes up and he’s like  F***, I wish I didn’t wake up.” Did him saying that not worry anyone? His family? His friends? etc? Like I don’t get it, did anyone try to get him help or reach out to him? Did anyone try to intervene?  Deep breathe. Who knows the REAL behind the scenes story of what happened,  but something I am sure of is that depression, anxiety and any kind of drugs including pills are never a good mix, unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Which maybe in this case they were, but who knows?

Look before I say what I am about to say, I will say this “I did not personally know Lil Peep nor did I listen to his music, but mental health issues are mental health issues and I felt the need to write my opinions on this sad tragedy.”  In looking at Lil Peep’s last few posts on social it almost seems like he is calling out for help by some of the things he was writing. For example he posted a picture of himself and the caption said I feel empty, then he posted a video of himself trying to get a pill into his mouth and shaking a pill bottle, then in another post he posted a picture of the bottom half of his body and the caption says When I die you’ll love me. I am tearing up writing this because, situations like this are so sad, they suck. He was a son, a friend, a cousin, an artist, etc and I am no expert, but in looking at all these posts it really looks like he had given up and didn’t care anymore. Getting to that point with depression sucks and is such a painful and lonely place, and then on top of that the doing drugs instead of getting help make things worse. It’s definitely not always easy to just say to someone hey I need help, I feel hopeless, I want to die, I am sad,etc. Instead of saying these things, we act out, through our actions, with anger, self-harm, drug use, etc.  This is how we call for help, and we just keep going and going and going until that one day, we slit our wrist too deep or we take one too many pills or we shoot too much of that drug up and we pass away.

Then people want to cry, then people talk about what they could have, would have and should have done, but didn’t when we were alive. People even talk about how much they loved and adored that person so much, but it’s funny because those same people are usually the ones who never tried to help, who never cared how you felt or listened to you, those are the same people who never bothered to slow down and take a moment to just look at you, and see you were in pain, when you were calling for help when you were alive.  As tragic as this story is it should really push us into how we should be talking about  the importance of mental health awareness how #Mentalhealthmatters & how abusing drugs is not okay.

Please get help if you are having mental health issues, you may feel alone but I guarantee you, you are not. I am suffering too, and believe me even though I feel like others usually don’t understand my symptoms and what I am going through, I am so glad I got help. When I got to that breaking point where I wanted to od, and just die, life had become so empty and meaningless to me at that time, my actions were screaming for help but I couldn’t open my mouth and tell my loved ones I needed help. It took them taking action before I slipped away into my misery further. Every day is a battle for me and I am still working my way away from those feelings and thoughts, but throughout it all as much as I disliked being in the hospital, seeing doctors, and feeling like the “crazy person,” it was worth getting help. So today be true to yourself, be good to yourself , and talk to someone you trust or love and get yourself help, it is never too late.

R.I.P  Gustav Åhr  Aka Lil Peep & I pray God watches over your loved ones in this very difficult time. Despite your faults, thank you for sharing your gifts with all your fans & just being yourself through your music.

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lil peep

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Inspire. Motivate. Love ~Natasha Minier


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Words Are Art Description Video !

Hello & Happy Monday lovely subscribers! I wanted to take a moment and share a video with all of you, that  provides a detailed description of the book Words Are Art: See The World Through My Eyes . 

So click on the below video, ignore the blurriness and open your ears and heart to get a better understanding of what Words Are Art:See The World Through My Eyes is actually about.


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Does Singing = Health Benefits? 

If you read my fun facts about me blog a few weeks back you will already know I like singing very much ! I personally like to use the smule (sing) application (app) . If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically like in your pocket karaoke. It is available in the istore and google play store both on android and iphone . Inside the app you can sing with others or sing solos, like I usually prefer to do. Time after time while waiting for the music to load up there are fun facts about singing on the screen every few seconds ! I found this pretty cool so why not do research to find more facts/health benefits, I thought ? After doing the research I found health benefits  and facts I never even knew about! I decided to combine the list of facts and health benefits because I figured it would be more interesting that way ! Enjoy & thanks for reading !  Be blessed !!!

Below your will find a list of 7 interesting health benefits & 3 fun facts about singing :

1. Singing is a workout. (Your lungs will get a workout as you employ proper singing techniques and vocal projections.)

2. Singing lowers stress levels. (Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream.)

3. Singing challenges concentration and attention, especially when techniques such as singing from memory, combining rhythm with action, and mental substitution are used.

4. Singing might be good for your heart. (Singing demands some pretty specific patterns in your breathing. You take bigger, slower breaths, and in the process, your heart rate typically begins to slow.)

5. Singing releases endorphins and oxytocin. (Endorphins are hormones that increase feelings of euphoria and pleasure. Oxytocin levels increase usually when we hug or kiss a loved one. Both these hormones have the power to makes one feel better overall.)

6.  It is said that singing may tone up your facial muscles, your diaphragm, and your intercostal muscles.

7. Singing improves memory. ( Singing requires memorizing and can help to challenge your brain and keep it active as you age.)

8. It is said that when we sing sound comes out of our mouths at about 75mph.

9. More than 100 muscles work together when you sing or speak a single phrase.

10. Singing daily for at least ten minutes is not only said to reduce stress, but it clears sinuses, improves posture and can even help you live longer. (Make this number 8 for health benefits )

For me learning is fun! I had an interesting time researching and putting this list of some fun facts and health benefits of singing together. I am so glad I got to share this with you ! Be sure to check out my cover of the song Touch The Sky by Hillsong United below . I messed up, but oh well I enjoyed singing it !  🎶🎼🎤🎹🎧 Thanks so much for reading ! Be Blessed !!!

Touch The Sky 


The only thing better than singing is more singing.

~ Ella Fitzgerald


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Say Something…

I have sang the song Say Something on the smule (sing) application quite a few times , but I am happy I finally got to do a cover of the acoustic version!🎤🎶🎼 Singing is such a destressor for me. This song really touches my heart every time I sing it, because for what seemed like forever I felt like I had given up on myself and my well being. I had sunk into depression and let that, anxiety and my mental illness diagnosis really take over my life and it was like I had given up on myself. I felt I needed to say something but instead I was giving up on my loved ones because I felt like even if I told them the truth of how I felt & what was going on, they wouldn’t accept or understand me. But most importantly I had given up on myself because all I wanted was to just be okay and it seemed impossible. I never realized how hard it was to say to people “I’m not okay, and I need help.” Gosh for so long I felt like couldn’t tell anyone, and it was eating at me. My mind screamed for HELP but my voice was silent . It was miserable back during this time . Life isn’t perfect but I’ve just gotten so tired of not using my voice and today I decided to say something and speak about my journey and struggles.
I am so thankful that today despite all I have been through in the last 4 years, I can say I am making progress to getting and feeling better overall. We all struggle with issues, and I never try to share my journey to get people to feel sorry for me. We all have been through something at some point in our lives. I use writing as an outlet to help me express myself and to make sense of what I’m going through. I use writing to show people despite how much the world, people , and illness try to tear you down there is still hope. Getting better is an option and is possible. Overcoming is real! Remember that and stay motivated , God has your back and troubles don’t last always. I know that now more than ever.

Check out me singing “Say Something (Acoustic Cover)” on Smule:

Say Something

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~ Confucius


We continuously learn, so we grow as people . Our perspectives change and we cope better so we do better, because we get to a point where we know better. Open your hearts to learn, always. ❤️☀️ ~ Natasha M

✨Happy Friday my lovely subscribers ! Have fun! Be safe ! Stay awesome !✨🌴🌍🎭🎑📱📖🌆 🤘🏽

Bright Lights, Sunsets and Funnel Cakes

The Fair 2017
The sun was setting. I could see the bright oranges and yellows that made up the sun ☀. The colors  and the placement of the sun in the sky looked so unreal it appeared to resemble a painting. As I continued to pay attention to my surroundings, the fair came into clear view. I could see bright lights coming from the rides. I became memorized and excited by seeing the lights on the rides. I quickly snapped out of it and realized I had been in the car for approximately 10 minutes just waiting to park. Traffic seemed to be backed up. I begin to explore my environment and noticed what seemed to be hundreds of people both going in and leaving the fair. Finally traffic began to move and I was at the front of the line and it was time to pay for parking. Even after paying for parking it took about 5 to 10 minutes until finally, there was a open parking spot. I opened my door and got out of the car and walked for about half a mile to get to the entrance of the fair. As I walked into the fair I was told to smile by a photographer and snap, off went the flash. From that point, I headed into the fair and one of the first things I decided to do was go to the place where they had animals. While viewing animals I pet some goats, saw some cows, 🐄 and even watched a goat being milked. It looked pretty uncomfortable for the animal. 😞  After leaving the place where the animals were I walked around searching for food, and finally decided to get a slice of cheese pizza. A tiny slice of cheese pizza cost me $5.00! Fair food is expensive and some of it is not worth the price. I wanted food so I settled for it ! I continued to walk around and made my mind up that I didn’t want to ride any of the rides due to the price, and I preferred to keep my feet on the ground on this particular night.🎢🎡🎠 Another thing I did was explore the flea market that was set up. Inside the flea market look alike people were doing foot detoxes, giving massages, selling comics, jewelry and everything in between even hotsauce ! I ended up finding a stand that sold hand made soap along with an array of other items. I was really happy to find these soaps, they are great for the skin and don’t have all the extra ingredients store bought soaps have. I bought both moss and aloe vera soap! (find benefits of both soaps below)   The one thing I couldn’t leave the fair without doing was…….. drum roll  🥁 please……. getting a funnel cake! I didn’t eat much of it, but it’s definitely a fair tradition. One of the main points of going to the fair is to get a funnel cake! Right ? Overall despite I was bumped into a lot by others and at some moments I had to take a breather because it was so many people and so much going on, I enjoyed being there. The things I enjoyed most were the music, sounds, lights, food, and just the atmosphere ! I am glad I get the opportunity to share some of my photos & videos with you all ! See below!

Side note: I really love the goat 🐐 video! They were adorable ! Animals melt my heart! 😍🦁🐬🐄🦋🐎🐓Thanks  so much for reading ! Be Blessed !

Mexican Funnel CakesChicken Charlie'simg_5978.jpg


Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. ~ Randy Pausch

Trusting in God.

Trust In You Cover 

This song is a beautiful reminder that though things in life may not go the way we want and we may have hundreds or even thousands of unanswered “why,” questions, trust God despite all that. He has a plan for your life & mine. I am so thankful and blessed God has given me a love and what I believe is a gift for both writing and singing. I am thankful I can use both these gifts to not only help motivate, uplift and inspire people, but most importantly praise God and spread the good news about Jesus Christ ! Blessings

Love God & Love People.

Click on the name of song above to listen to the cover I did of Lauren Daigle’s Trust in You.