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What You Don’t Know…….1..2..3..4..5

Hello Hello Hello beautiful people !!! Let us all thank God for another day with our loved ones and family members!Since it is the my FAVORITE day of the week, today I decided to do something  random with this post! I decided to answer some tough questions, so you all can get to know me… Continue reading What You Don’t Know…….1..2..3..4..5

Info. About Natasha R. Minier

Fun Facts About Me! 

I decided to have some fun with this blog post, so you all can get to know me a little better ! The following 15 facts are all about me.... 1.  I have approximately 12 tattoos, all of which can be covered by regular clothes. 2. One of my favorite tattoos is on my wrist… Continue reading Fun Facts About Me! 

New Book Release Information, Random Writings

Headphones in, Pencil in Hand, Notebook Ready…. (SNEAK PREVIEW INCLUDED)

I've been writing quite a bit lately, but I've posted none for my readers or subscribers. Sometimes I really do get lost in my notebook, and I just almost detach from the outside world. A good amount if not all of the material I have been writing lately will be included in my upcoming book.… Continue reading Headphones in, Pencil in Hand, Notebook Ready…. (SNEAK PREVIEW INCLUDED)

How I Cope With My Mental Illness

Burning House (Cover) I like this song a lot, and I've been wanting to do a cover on it, so I did the cover of this song on the Smule app. I am hoping to do a cover of it on my YouTube channel soon! *Side Note : I didn't like how in the karaoke version of this… Continue reading Burning House (Cover)

Coping with Tragedy by Writing

Failure, Lack of Relationships, & Death

Usually when all else fails, I write, when no one seems to hear me, I write, when I am trying to make sense of things, I write, when I am constantly being told by  people "I understand you, and hear what you are saying,"I write. But do they really understand is my question? A month… Continue reading Failure, Lack of Relationships, & Death

Info. About Natasha R. Minier, Living With Mental Illness

The Things We Don’t Tell….

The word testimony has always made me nervous, even now. I always looked at it like some sort of magical thing, as if I could never have one because I'm so imperfect and I make mistakes and I slip up even as a christian. Feeling the heavy burden of being imperfect no matter what I did weighed on… Continue reading The Things We Don’t Tell….