How I Cope With My Mental Illness, Living With Mental Illness

Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Happy Sunday everyone ! How has your weekend been? Mine has been filled with finishing up christmas shopping, snapchatting a ton, catching up with my  high school bestie, and today I will be packing for my trip, me and Lil leave tomorrow. Can I get a drum 🥁 roll please...... I would like to introduce… Continue reading Call her Lil 🐾 😯🌸

Info. About Natasha R. Minier

Fun Facts About Me! 

I decided to have some fun with this blog post, so you all can get to know me a little better ! The following 15 facts are all about me.... 1.  I have approximately 12 tattoos, all of which can be covered by regular clothes. 2. One of my favorite tattoos is on my wrist… Continue reading Fun Facts About Me! 

Living With Mental Illness

Afraid, Ashamed, and Words Unspoken

So many things left frozen in time. Calls left unmade, cancelled appointments, hours upon hours of missed time at work, limits on things you can do, due to anxieties, toxic emotional habits, stories left untold, poems left unwritten due to negative feelings associated with them, it's not knowing what state of mind you will wake up in… Continue reading Afraid, Ashamed, and Words Unspoken

Living With Mental Illness


These thoughts flowed through her mind over and over again, and she wondered if the pain would ever go away ? If the hurt would ever seize to exist ? If the images would ever truly be erased from her memory ? The days keep flowing, the medication keeps getting swallowed. Nothing seems to change.… Continue reading Questions…